Caring for Your Super Mom Cape – 10 Rules for Parents

©designed by Kelly PfeifferSupermom capes are the latest fashion. Entering the social scene in the 1980’s, these all purpose garments complement any parent outfit – dressy, sporty or pajama-wear. These trendy accessories continue to be donned by parents while completing homework projects, making trips to school with forgotten lunch in hand and waiting in line at midnight for the latest release of video games.

The Future of Supermom Capes

Just how long will supermom capes continue to be en vogue? Parenting fashion experts predict a gradual shedding of this multi-use clothing look in favor of up and coming substitutes such as the

  • Natural Consequences Toga – a back to basics approach of allowing children to experience the effects of gravity, weather and forgotten homework
  • R’s of Recovery Wrap – a nurturing tool that teaches skills while letting kids take responsibility and actions for mistakes
  • Non-pampering Mittens – worn on the hands, these accessories prevent parents from doing too much for their children and instead allow children to discover how capable they are.

Caring for Your Supermom Cape – 10 Rules

Because supermoms capes will be popular for at least five more fashion seasons, I offer these care instructions for your consideration, no matter the current condition of your personal supermom cape.

  1. Recommended for use only for life-threatening situations.
  2. Store under lock and key plus password protection. Password should contain letters in the following sequence, “Teach children the R’s of Recovery from Mistakes.”
  3. Wear sparingly. Prolonged use may cause damage to your child’s sense of confidence, problem solving and capability.
  4. Do not exceed use of this garment for more than three days or smothering of children may occur.
  5. WARNING: May cause loss of oxygen to wearer if tied around the neck for long periods of time.
  6. Examine closely for wear and tear snags to determine cause. Do not mend. This garment is expected to last for only 30 uses over a period of 20 years.
  7. Treat all stains with a solution of two parts self-care and one part self-empowerment.
  8. Overuse of this garment may cause hallucinations of whiny, demanding children.
  9. Do not combine use of this cape with operation of rescue vehicles such as a helicopter to a child’s school to deliver forgotten homework.
  10. CAUTION: May induce episodes of chronic emergencies for all bodies standing within 20 feet of cape or voice activated through a wireless device such as a cell phone.

Supermom Cape Damage?

If you or your child have been injured by a superparent cape, I’d love to hear your story.

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