Routines Decrease Power Struggles, Nagging and More

Kelly093 croppedRoutines are one of my Top 5 Positive Discipline Parenting Tools You Need in 2013. If you’d like to

  • decrease the intensity of power struggles
  • stop nagging your kids so much
  • feel like everyone at least “knows” the plan

then creating and implementing a routine would greatly improve your parenting life.

Planning Your Routine

What part of your day would like to start with?

Once you’re decided on the exact routine, get input from your family. Consider holding a family meeting that starts with compliments and then brainstorm ideas about the routine.

Make it Visual for All to See

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Use clip art, stick figure drawing, magazine pictures and actual photos of your family to create visuals that help everyone stay on track. These visuals can be on a large poster in your kitchen or hand-held versions for each person.

Alternatives to Nagging

Instead of telling kids to follow the routines, ask questions that start with the words “what” and “how.”

  • “What’s next on the routine chart?”
  • “What have you picked out to wear today?”
  • “How would you like to get your clothes on?”
  • “What do you need to do before you eat breakfast?”

Parenting Tips for Using Routine Charts

I’ve written some web articles over the years that offer helpful hints for creating and using routine charts with kids using Positive Discipline principles. Just click on the link and you’ll arrive at, where many of my parenting articles are posted.


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