January 24 is National Compliment Day. Parents, may this list of ideas inspire you to offer compliments to those you care about.

  • Dinner Table Compliments: At dinner, allow each family member a turn to give a compliment to another family member. Be sure and teach and model compliments to kids. Help kids understand that meaningful compliments are about the actions of others (rather than about a person’s appearance.)
  • Compliment Another Parent: Parents work hard and deserve plenty of compliments. I’m sure you know a parent who could use an encouraging compliment about their parenting.
  • Compliment Yourself: Acknowledge yourself for accomplishments you’ve made or for a great parenting moment you’ve had lately. Learning to encourage ourselves is sometimes the only encouragement we may find some days. When I’m feeling down, I ask myself, “What would I say to my best friend if she were going through this?” Then I say those same words to myself.
  • Compliment Your Child: Our kids hear many comments about the things you’d like them to do differently. Communicate to your child that you appreciate their help, understanding or hard work.
  • Compliment Those Who Support Your Parenting: Hopefully you have at least one other person who supports your parenting and who helps you be a better parent. Let this person know how important their help is to you.
  • Start a New Compliment Ritual-1 Compliment Per Child Per Day: Start a new habit that will improve your relationship with your child. It’s simple and when you make it a habit of it, you’ll notice how it changes your attitude about your child as well as changes your child’s attitude towards you.

Compliment with Encouragement Instead of Praise

If you’re a fan of the Think It Through Parenting facebook page, then you saw the posts on Monday about our words and how they affect children. If you’re not, here’s a great video and an article to help you understand the difference between Praise and Encouragement. Another way to look at this is to praise effort instead of natural ability. You’ll see what I mean in these two great resources.

An Article by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott

You can print out this article which includes a chart for parents to learn about the difference between praise and encouragement, a Positive Discipline parenting tool—>Encouragement Versus Praise

I’d like to compliment you parents for working so hard everyday. It takes a lot of work to be a good parent.

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