Many parents are extremely uncomfortable when their children get angry.

If you’re one of those parents, there are several possibilities as to why.

  • Maybe you weren’t allowed to express your own anger as a child so you view any anger as something negative
  • Or it may be that you associate anger with selfishness or ungratefulness
  • You grew up with the believe that “good” kids are happy kids and therefore mad or sad kids are bad or not acceptable kids
  • You are uncomfortable with your own anger or disappointment and feel guilty or bad for feeling such emotions
  • You aren’t skilled at handling your own emotions of disappointment or anger

Whatever the reason, if you are the kind of parent who struggles each time your child exhibits strong emotions, then I’d like you to know that parenting is a wonderful opportunity to learn some new beliefs about anger and learn some new tools for yourself.

Look for on-line classes coming this fall (2013) to help you and your family learn skills that decrease family stress, deescalate conflicts and teach self-calming skills.

Kelly Pfeiffer

Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer

Think It Through Parenting

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