Parents, are you spending lots of time nagging your kids each morning? Are you or your kids starting your morning off in a grumpy mood? Maybe your kids are the ones arguing with each other? Whatever the struggle, you feel it most mornings and you wish the day could start off on a sunnier side.

You hope this problem might get better and every once a while, you do notice that your family makes it through the morning without growling. Those moments are nice, but you wish they happened more often. You try to wake up in a good mood and use lots of patience, but still you find yourself feeling stressed more often than not. You’ve talked to your kids and explained the importance of having a good attitude. You’ve lost your cool with your kids and said things you regret. You’ve threatened consequences if your kids aren’t ready on time. But still your mornings look roughly the same.

You Need a New Plan

Not sure where to start? You know you want different results, but nothing you’ve tried has reduced the morning chaos. Most likely that’s because you’re been trying to treat the symptoms of your morning madness instead of addressing the root of the problem. That’s where Positive Discipline can help. Positive Discipline tools are different from most popular parenting tools because Positive Discipline is based on addressing underlying issues that are causing the symptoms.

You may want to know (if you don’t already) that some people use the term “positive discipline” to describe any discipline that isn’t negative, but “Positive Discipline” is actually a parenting book and curriculum that got its start in 1981. “Positive Discipline” is based on a model that is different from traditional parenting. Instead of using punishments and rewards, “Positive Discipline” uses tools that are firm on setting limits but also respect the parent child relationship and the child’s developmental stage.

Focus on Solutions

Another way that Positive Discipline tools are different is that the majority of the strategies focus on solutions for the future rather than punishment for the past. That’s what Conquering Morning Madness is about – focusing on solutions for your morning struggles. During the entire month of March, Think It Through Parentingwill help you focus on new ways to look at morning behaviors and new ways to structure your morning.

I’ve been teaching Positive Discipline to parents for over thirteen years through live workshops. Not only do I train parents, but I also train Positive Discipline parent educators. As a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, I conduct workshops that certify and teach others how to work with parents. During the month of March, I’ll lead you through steps to set your mornings on a different course.

How to Benefit the Most from Conquering Morning Madness

To get all of the parenting tips I’ll be offering during March, you’ll only need to do two things.

  1. Like the Think It Through Parenting facebook  page – I’ll be posting daily inspiration, tips and links to my latest blog posts on my facebook page all about Conquering Morning Madness.
  2. Sign up for my Think It Through Parenting Newsletter – I’ll be sending our four newsletters (one per week) during the month of March and they’ll contain extra pointers and articles that won’t be shared on the facebook page. Also when you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll receive a free gift from me, the Self-Care Starter Kit for Parents.

One More Bonus for You – Free Conference Call for Parents

Also as a part of Conquering Morning Madness, I’ll be offering a free conference call for parents called Morning Momentum Tools for Parents. This free conference call will take place during the third week of March. Stay tuned for details on how to register for this free conference call workshop with me. I’ll post the registration information on the Think It Through Parenting facebook page and in the weekly newsletters.

So let’s dive in and get your mornings back on track.  I hope they’ll look a lot different at the end of the month. We’re having our own type of March Madness here at Think It Through Parenting – one that carry on throughout the year.

Kelly Pfeiffer

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