The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

I need to remember the line above myself. This past weekend, I reminded myself of this exact message. For some reason, I’d been addressing an issue with my child in the same way over and over again and guess what?  YES! I kept getting the same results. This time, I decided that I’d rather try something different than repeat the same power struggle storyline again. I knew that it was possible that I’d still get the same results as before, but I was willing to try something different to see if I achieved different results. But it got me wondering – why do we continue to try the same strategy when we’ve seen consistent results from our efforts?

All parents try this “rinse and repeat” strategy.  Somehow we convince ourselves that because we’re approaching a situation with tons of respect and care for our child, that if we just try it one more time, we’ll finally get the same amount of respect in return. Simply asking our kids to do something in a nice way is only one tool. If it’s resulting in a power struggle, why not try a different tool?

What power struggles are you having over and over with your child? I know you’ve tried to approach the situation with care, concern and respect, but still experience the same power struggle again, right? You’re not alone. It happens here at my house too.

Change Your Tool – Change Your Results

This past weekend, I decided that I needed to try a different approach. I realized that if I used the the same approach as before, it would most likely yield the same results. In the past, this issue has resulted in a push back from my child and felt like a power struggle. I decided to try a different way to communicate and to my surprise, there was only a small push back, which did not develop into a power struggle and the issue was resolved. (I try to be general in my descriptions at times to protect my dear children. Out of respect for them, I do not want to publicize their lives.)

Positive Discipline Tools for Preventing Power Struggles

Positive Discipline has plenty of parenting tools that help prevent power struggles. On Tuesday, February 26, I’ll introduce 5 specific tools that prevent and side-step power struggles in my free parenting webinar:

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I look forward to seeing you in the webinar!

Kelly Pfeiffer

Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer

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